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Large Animal Services

We have a brand new haul-in facility on the property that consists of a Brute hydraulic chute that includes the ability to turn over to perform hoof trims and exams. We have an experienced staff here ready to assist you with your cattle needs. We have enough pen space to hold cattle if multiple haul-ins are required for your herd. Also, for your convenience we allow morning drop offs by appointment only and pick up in the afternoon. If you need hauling services please call the clinic and we can schedule a time for your cattle to be picked up and brought to our facility. 

We provide the following cattle services

Herd health
Breeding Soundness Exam
Trich Testing
Calving Assistance 
Neonatal Care
Hoof Care
Diagnostics/Blood Work (in house and off site)
Castration and Dehorning (call for scheduling)
Fecal Exams/ Parasite Control 

Cattle Health Certificates

Cow in squeeze

hoof trim